Exclusive Fabrics available for Custom Pre-orders

Any of these fabrics can be Printed for custom clothing items. Please contact me to organise an invoice.

In the Garden

Sheep On The Hills

Squirrels on Burgundy

Spring Floral in Lemon

Rainbow Rockets on Purple

UFOs on Purple


Rainbow Mountains


Sketchy Planets on Blue


Doodle Space on Charcoal


Watercolour Dinosaurs in Purple


Watercolour Dinosaurs in Blue

Spring Rainbows




Rainbow Sheep (pastel)

Purple Flowers


Dinosaurs and Doodles in Mint


Dinosaurs and Doodles in Navy


Rainbow Cars


Geo Safari in Green


Rainbow Campers




Scandi Pigs


Floral Pandas


Beep Beep in Grey


Beep Beep in Green


Beep Beep in Teal


Pink Ducks


Blue Ducks


Yellow Ducks


Summer Doodles


Geo Rainbows on Black


Pineapples on Blue


Pineapples on Pink


Pineapples on Teal


Beetles on Peach


Beetles on Purple


Tiger Tiger


Floral Foxes and Bears


Buzzy Bees


Geo Mountains on Black


Constellations on Charcoal


Puddle Ducks


Rainbow Farmyard


Muted Rainbows on Black


Bright Rainbows on Black


Sunset Rainbows on Black


Rainbow Snowflakes


Dusky Blue Pastel Rainbows


Snails on Navy


Rainbow Lions on Black


Jellyfish on Aqua Blue


Rainbow Ladybirds


Rainbow Doodle Monsters on Plum


Sketchy Rainbows on Teal


Pastel Marble


Rainbow Stars on Orange


Rainbow Stars on Black


Rainbow Stars on Pink


Rainbow Stars on Aqua